Story from Ajitshwor Wangkheirakpam, Manipur, India

My name is Ajitshwor Wangkheirakpam. I am 42 years old male from Manipur in India. I have been living with HIV and HCV co-infection for a long time. My HIV have been completely well controlled and managed, thanks to the government program for anti-retroviral for HIV. However, my HCV infection has been making my liver’s […]

Story from Ayu Oktariani, Bandung, Indonesia

My Name is Ayu Oktariani, I’m from Bandung, Indonesia, I am 29 years old female. I’m co-infection HIV HCV patient, since 2009. My HIV condition is very well managed since the time infected, the ARV therapy help me through the difficult time. But my HCV infection makes it harder, because I don’t take any treatment […]