Access to Medicine

Life-saving medication for people living with HIV is a human right, essential for global well-being and equity. Affordable, effective medicines empower individuals, forging a world where medical progress benefits everyone

Advanced HIV Medications Pave the Way to Stigma Reduction
In the dynamic landscape of HIV treatment and research, significant progress has been achieved in the...
Alip World TB Day Web
Conquering TB and HIV with Determination
World TB Day serves as a valuable opportunity to honor the struggles of survivors like Alip, a young...
25 Years of Living with HIV and Making an Impact on the World
Her name is Kularb Dangtong – or Khun Kularb – which means Rose. The HIV that is in her body does not...
ARVs Crisis – New Born Children with HIV in Sri Lanka are Calling Yo
In 2022, the worst economic crisis in more than 70 years hit Sri Lanka from multiple sides. The South...