APN+ is a network of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in Asia and the Pacific. It was established in 1994 as a response to a need for a collective voice for PLHIV in the region, to better link regional PLHIV with networks throughout the world, to support regional responses to widespread stigma and discrimination, and to advocate for better access to treatment, care and support.

In early 2011, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM) approved round 10 grant called Monitoring Access to Treatment in Asia (MATA) with APN+ as a Principle Recipient (PR). The goal of the grant is to improve knowledge and understanding of issues related to PLHIV’s access to treatment, care and support services in the region and use it for evidence-based advocacy. The program is currently being implemented through Sub-recipients (SRs) in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Lao, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam. The program has entered into phase II and will be implemented for at-least 1 more year with an extension for 3 more years currently in negotiation with the Global Fund.

APN+ plus is currently in negotiation of a subsequent grant that is planned to be in implemented in 9 countries starting mid of 2016 and ending on December 2018. This grant will be jointly implemented by APN+ and three other regional networks in their program countries

APN+ Regional secretariat office based is seeking to recruit a Program Assistant.


The APN+ GF Program Assistant is responsible in providing programmatic & logistical support for the overall grant implementation of APN+ GF Round 10 program. The APN+ GF Program Assistant will support program team in periodic M&E of program, manages all program related documents and electronic files, and provides day-to-day management of APN MATA website contents and engagement in social media.

Task & Duties:

Office management and logistics:

  1. Take a lead in logistics, coordination and organization of workshops and meetings for APN+ GF Grant Management Unit.
  2. Take a lead in filling and documentation of all program related documents.
  3. Take a lead in managing administrative aspect of personnel management of the Unit.
  4. Manage field trips and travel schedule, including the logistic arrangements in coordination with the Finance Officer.
  5. Maintain all documents and contracts (both hard copies and soft copies, and originals) related to APN+ GF grant management and implementation and secure it in a safe storage
  6. Assist APN+ GF Finance Officer in procurement of goods and services in requesting, managing and lead the selection of quotations from goods and services providers

Program support:

  1. Provide assistance in M&E of program, participate in trainings and field supervision
  2. Provide assistance in development work plan, budget and reports to be reviewed by the LFA and GFATM Secretariat
  3. Keep track of timeliness and management of commitments to the Global Fund and alert APN+ Grant & Unit Manager.
  4. Assist APN+ Grant & Unit Manager in developing, processing & finalizing all necessary documents for grant management & implementation
  5. Provide assistance in taking minutes of regular program meetings.

Communication and dissemination:

  1. Take a lead in content management of APNMATA website
  2. Engage with civil society networks in social media and update program status
  3. Provide communication & correspondence support for external communication to other regional & national stakeholders
  4. Review consistencies of all correspondence, documents and contracts of APN+ GMU, identify issues and immediately report it to responsible APN+ GMU staff

Desired Qualifications:

  1. A minimum of 1 year of work experience in management, communication and or related field in a NGOs and or a private sector. Excellent candidates without any prior experience would be considered for the position. Prior experience with the Global Fund supported project will be an asset but not a requirement.
  2. Undergraduate degree in Management and or related discipline
  3. Very good command of written and verbal English.

Core competencies:

  1. A pleasant person, with attitude to learn and be open to work with people from different cultures.
  2. A team person, who values collective growth, respects ideas and adjusts with the situation.
  3. Be able to travel to the region and enjoy learning from the field experiences.

This position is expected to start as soon as possible. Please send a CV and a cover letter through email at apnadmin@apnmata.org by 29 February 2016. Please note that this will be an ongoing recruitment process and a candidate could be selected before the end of the closing date. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply early.

Please note that this position is open only for Thai nationals. People Living with HIV and people from key HIV affected populations will get preference for this position. Salary and benefits are competitive based on a regional NGOs based in Bangkok.

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