Express Of Interest (EOI) – COVID-19 Vaccines Technical Assistance


Technical Assistance to carried out the regional mapping and capacity building on COVID-19 vaccines


As vaccines has been developed to reduce the virus’s severity and complications from the COVID-19 infection with many developed countries have been able to ramp-up their vaccination program but different situation in less-developed and developing countries where most of these countries do not manufactures their own vaccines and it the same time they also facing supply challenges lead to the slowest rolled out vaccination program and this situation has also apply in Asia and the Pacific region. Based on this backdrop, APN+ project proposal to UNAIDS RTS for COVID-19 Response has been approved with the objectives are: 1). Carried out a regional mapping exercise of the COVID-19 situation in Asia and The Pacific, 2). Provide capacity building for APN+ country network members on COVID-19 Vaccines, and 3). Support efforts of APN+ country network members on their advocacy work to the prioritization of COVID-19 vaccines for people living with HIV (PLHIV).


APN+ is looking for an expert to provide technical provision, which will consist to these following scopes of works:

  1. Conduct a regional assessment to understand the uptake of vaccination programmes and accessibility for PLHIV from the perspective of the community.
    1. Conduct a virtual Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with APN+ country network members across 14 countries in Asia and The Pacific to gather information from the perspective of PLHIV
    2. Using the progress of national vaccines programme roll-out as background information by exploring issue related to:
      • Accessibility and availability of type of vaccines;
      • Vaccines hesitancy and concerns;
      • Barriers faced by PLHIV to access COVI-19 vaccines;
      • Efforts that underway led by the community to increase access to COVID19 vaccines; and
      • Awareness campaign to increase the uptake of vaccines.
    3. Conduct a virtual regional capacity building session based on the monitoring exercise for APN+ country network members to raise awareness about COVID19 vaccines.


The expert person who will provide the technical support provision to APN+ need to deliver as follow:

  1. Report on the regional monitoring exercise
  2. Agenda and training report obtained from the virtual capacity building and knowledge session on COVID-19 vaccines.


The assignment is a home based work conducted for 12 working days within the period of 2nd week of January 2022 until the 1st week of February 2022 according to the propose schedules below:

  1. Develop outline of the implementation plan, consult and discuss the outlines implementation plan and conduct regional monitoring exercise on COVID-19 vaccines including the monitoring exercise report – Timeline: Jan10th – 24th – Payment schedule 50%
  2. Preparation work for COVID-19 capacity building and knowledge session including the report – Timeline Jan 24 – Feb 7th – Payment schedule 50%


Desired consultant should possess:

  1. Minimum of 10 years experience in working with the community particularly with people living with HIV
  2. Sound knowledge on COVID-19 Vaccines progress and update
  3. Experience and knowledge on Access to medicine including trade regulatory
  4. Strong facilitation and communication skills
  5. Good English writing skill is a must
  6. Able to meet deadlines; work under pressures and with people from different background including people living with HIV and Key Population.


Please send your CV, application letter and related documents to Application deadline is 5 PM, Saturday, Jan 8th, 2021 (Bangkok time)


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