Upcoming Events: Regional Experts Consultation on Access to Affordable Medicines, Diagnostics and Vaccine

During the 2015 UN ESCAP Inter Governmental Meeting of HIV and AIDS held in Bangkok, a regional framework for action on HIV and AIDS beyond 2015 was set and focuses on three key pillars:

  1. Addressing legal and policy barriers to access to HIV services;
  2. Ensuring access to affordable medicines, diagnostics and vaccines; and
  3. Developing evidence-based national HIV investment cases and sustainability plans

To address these key pillars, UN ESCAP together with UNAIDS, UNDP, APN+ and APCASO will convene a Regional Experts Consultation on Access to Affordable Medicines, Diagnostics and Vaccines to be held in Bangkok from 15 – 18 March 2016 at the UN Complex in Bangkok.

The consultation will focus on the need for coordination and coherence on trade and public health policies, in the context of meeting national and regional priorities. It will highlight specific initiatives and issues, including the incorporation of innovation and public health perspectives aligned with national and regional policy and frameworks.

The consultation will be attended by high-level government representatives/experts, including senior policy makers from a mix of agencies with responsibilities for health, trade and industry, and intellectual property issues, as well as, experts from networks of people living with HIV and key populations, CSOs and development partners.


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